About Us

Baco International LLC

Established in 2004, BACO International Trading Company LLC is a partnership between a UAE based businessman and the corporate Coppo SPA 1896. Having close business association for many years, they decided to enter into a strategic alliance for the bulk trading of beverages, tobacco and other products, internationally. In addition, they decided to focus on real estate leasing in UAE since the leasing market is booming in UAE. The synergy advantage of the two long term business associates is channelized to blossom into a new corporate called BACO International LLC headquartered at the emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

  • STRENGTHS OF BACOThe two promoters have excellent standing in supplier / customer markets.The combined strength will be much more than the simple addition of their individual strengths.
  • THE KEY PROMOTERSCoppo SPA 1896 is an old Organization in Italy established more than 100 years ago. Coppo SPA 1896 deals in alcoholic beverages serving markets in Japan and Far East of Asia, Europe, south and North America. They have built up a strong customer / supplier base over the last century. The strong financial base and long experience of the company are the strengths behind the establishment of BACO.
  • MANAGEMENTThe management comprises of eminent professionals in marketing and finance reporting to the Board. The Board oversees the executive management on a regular basis.